Wawa Dam

Wawa Dam

Rodriguez, Rizal


Another place to visit while you are in Montalban is the Wawa Dam. Aside from Avilon Zoo (separate entry) you may opt to visit the infamous Wawa Dam that will surely interest you especially the Engineering skills of the Americans who made the dam. This may take you around 10minutes of travel time from Avilon Zoo but definitely worth your while.DSC_0435

I the Lakwatserong Sulit had a great time photographing Wawa Dam. It was another place that interest me especially the gorge in the area.

The hiking began at the end of the road and before even ascending to see the full view of the dam, we went down to the river to see the entrance of Paminitan Cave from below. According to the locals the Cave is currently closed due to renovation and maintenance but asked us if we want to go inside. By thus speaking they are willing to take us there for a fee but denounce the idea due to unpreparedness and safety.

We then go back to the pave pathway going to the view deck of the dam. Yes it’s paved already as of July 2013. After around 3minutes of walk we found a small opening at the right side of the gorge that looks like this.DSC_0443

This tunnel runs for about 20 meters but as to the use of this tunnel and where it leads, LS has no idea. Only one person can fit inside the tunnel and mind you there’s a foul smell inside the tunnel.DSC_0446

Going back to the trail we saw the archway going to the observation deck. On our left side we saw a small waterfall by the river. We believe that this waterfall can only be seen during rainy season due to the amount of water that drifts from it.DSC_0449

As we look back, the river below has a very fine view with the different size of boulders around it.DSC_0448

As we walked past the archway we saw the rusted iron bridge that leads to the observation deck. And before even going to the observation deck we saw the majestic view of the dam from the distance.DSC_0452

A stunning view that pulls us down to see it more clearly. DSC_0467

Photographing water is one of delicate thing to do and requires great creativeness. In order to capture the silky smooth water I put my camera at the top of the boulder to have my setting of shutter speed and aperture. In doing so i will avoid camera shake during exposure.DSC_0484

After a few shots i go back to the trail going to observation deck. We walked pass through two tunnels carved out from the limestone wall, in this tunnel a photographer will find a good view of the dam that looks stunningly like thisDSC_0497

until we reached the damโ€™s observation deck.


This is the view from the observation deck, spectacular as it is. One will also see the majestic view of the gorge and the beautiful upper lake.

In order to have a clear view of the observation deck we walked trough another rusted small iron bridge to see the full reservoir.DSC_0475

The image above is the view of the abandoned observation deck.

We peruse ourselves in the magnificent view from this end until we decided to get back but instead of going back we take more photos first.



How to get to Wawa Dam?

Private Transportation

There are two ways to get to Wawa Dam via San Mateo or via Commonwealth from Commonwealth take the road to your right going to Payatas dumpsite and ask for the direction going to Wawa Dam. There are no major crossroads along the way so it would be easy to go there.

Public Transportation

There’s an FX in Cubao going directly to eastwood village near Wawa Dam. It would cost you around 45 pesos going there and another 10 pesos for the tricycle going to Wawa Dam.


24 thoughts on “Wawa Dam

  1. Hello LS, san po yung FX Terminal sa cubao going eastwood village? Gusto ko pong puntahan yung Avilon and Wawa dam, ano dapat yung unahin? from Avilon may trike din ba going to Wawa?

  2. Thanks LS! Meron akong nakitang pics na naliligo mismo sa dam, is that possible? And wala bang entramce fee upon going to the Dam?

    • possible po pero I have to advice you na medyo may karamihan na po ang nalunod sa Wawa kaya naman kung nag aalinlangan ka. It’s better be safe than sorry diba. Walang particular na entrance doon, yung parking fee lang at kung nais mo umakyat sa cave may mga nag ooffer ng guide, maaari mong hanapin si pastor sa Tourism office.

  3. Hello! Are there any places na pwedeng mag-stay? like rented houses if overnight. And to add clean waters na pwedeng pagbanlawan after the swim. My friends and I are planning some place to hike this vacation and finally I have read reviews about wawa. Thanks for the reply LS. Would be looking forward to your answer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Dheng!

      Thank you for visiting my site. Unfortunately i could not answer both of your questions since hindi ko pa nsubukang mag stay doon overnight. Bumalik kami the last time sa Wawa earlier this year at nakita namin na may mga ginagawang buildings doon and Tourism for development pero hindi ko dala ang aking cam kaya hindi ko naupdate ang entry na to. Based on my observation wala ako nakita doon na mapag stay-an at yung clean water pambanlaw i am not sure din pero sa tourism office my CR doon at nagiigib sila ng tubig so i hope na pagkukunan. Nakakalungkot nga kasi si Pastor yung nakakausap namin doon ay walang cellphone kaya hindi ko mairelay sa kanya ang tanong mo.

      • Salamat Sir!so kaya naman ng mga 45-50 years old na umakyat dun sa falls na yun?hehe..I am Afraid kasi baka madulas dahil medyo matanda na..in fact my plan is to go there sa wawa dam then on antipolo after enjoying wawa dam…

    • I believe pwede naman as to kung magkano babayaran baka the same lang sa entrance unless you need assistance. Anyway, you can contact the tourism office. You need to go there first kasi wla sila tel number. ๐Ÿ™‚

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