Buntot Palos Falls: Perfect Escape for Summer

Buntot Palos Waterfalls

Brgy. Natividad, Pangil, Laguna
Jump-off Point: Barangay Balian
Height: Approximately 80 meters
Entrance Fee: P25.00 as of March 2014
Guide Fee: P300 (Standard)

The locals from Pangil, Laguna prefer to stay and have a dip in their nearby Panguil river eco-park and trek the Ambon-ambon waterfalls during summer season but the daring choose Buntot Palos falls which is much larger, more beautiful with stunning scenery and has an amazing landscape. Buntot Palos was named after a local fish commonly found in the area locally known as Palos (Eel). The shape of the waterfalls is just like that of an Eel so then they call it Buntot Palos.

Buntot Palos  is known all over the internet, in fact you’ll find different itineraries and tips on how to get there. Below you’ll find the itinerary of LS to Buntot Palos.


March 9, 2014

Lakwatserong Sulit organized a trip with his friends to escape the heat of Manila. LS had been to Brgy. Balian many times over but it was for a community project in all the barangays of Pangil, Laguna. The first time he trek Buntot Palos was last Feb. 2013 with his beloved with the help from his friends from Balian. It was just a quick trip due to limited time.


From Pedro Gil, Manila we took Sumulong Highway to Manila East road via private vehicle and arrived at Pangil, Laguna before 8:00am. We had our KKB kanya-kanyang breakfast and traveled for 3 hrs. Upon arrival Kagawad Rex and Kagawad Bernadeth Salamatin pre-arranged the guide for us.


Most trail are wide and easy except for the first leg which is the cemented portion. It was harder, steeper and tiring than that of the actual trail.

There are water source along the way so there’s no problem if you ran out of water. But for those with sensitive stomach it would be best to bring your own water of at least 2-3 liters.

During summer months the trail is much easier with a few small rivers to cross and some wet paths but on rainy season it would take you 3 hrs to reach the waterfalls due to muddy trail with horses foot path (based on lakwatserong sulit first hand experience).

So, here we are feeling grateful with the scenery in front of us. While the group watch by awe how big the waterfalls is, others are already going to the foot of the waterfalls and started feeling the water.

How to get to Buntot Palos?

Via Private Transportation from Manila

via SLEX thru Calamba-Los Baños-Sta. Cruz. 

If you are coming from the southern part of Manila you may opt to take this route. This is the most comfortable way for you but may not the cheapest. Take the Calamba Exit and proceed to Los Banos to Sta Cruz to Kalayaan to Pakil until you reach Pangil. Once you reach Pangil you may ask for the way going to the Greenhouse, it’s the way to the jump-off or you may ask for Brgy. Hall of Balian where you can register and arrange for guide.

via Manila East Road thru Rizal-Mabitac-Famy

If you are coming from the center or northern part of Manila this way is for you. This way is much cheaper, no toll fee and the road is good. From Marcos Highway take the road to Sumulong highway and proceed to Teresa Rizal down to Pillila to Mabitac to Famy to Pangil. Once you reach Pangil you may ask for the way going to the Greenhouse, it’s the way to the jump-off or you may ask for Brgy. Hall of Balian where you can register and arrange for guide.

via Public Transporation

Raymond Transportation has a regular trip from Legarda to Real Quezon. The earliest trip is from 3:00am, and then an hourly schedule afterwards until midnight. Take the bus to Real Quezon and alight at the terminal in Siniloan, from there you may wait for a jeepney going to Sta. Cruz or you may rent a tricycle going to Pangil.

Alternatively, you may ask for the Van transportation going to Famy along the street near the Raymond terminal in Legarda. It’s much faster than by Bus.

How to get back to Manila from Pangil?

Mostly there are tricycle along the highway near the Panguil River Eco-Park, but from the highway of Balian there is a limited number of tricycle that passes by. You may try the one in Balian, but if there is no luck you may walk the highway up to where the tricycle wait for passengers (near the way to eco-park). Alternatively, you may ask the locals for the way leading to the church where the jeep going to Siniloan pass by. From Siniloan you may take the tricycle to Famy.

There are two options going to Manila via Van or Bus. The same where you alight in Famy.

DSC_0374Lakwatserong Sulit feeling the water

Dayhike Itinerary for Buntot Palos

0400 Departure Manila to Pangil (via Manila East Roadl)
0730 Time of Arrival Pangil/Register/Arrange for guide
0800 Start Trek
0945 Buntot Palos Arrival
1000 Snack/Picture taking
1030 Swimming
1130 Start Descent
1300 Jump-off Arrival/Freshen up
1340 Lunch at Manay’s Restaurant, Pakil, Laguna
1530 ETD to Manila
1830 Arrival Manila


The best way to enjoy Buntot Palos is what? Of course enjoy the water, be one with nature and enjoy the presence of each other.

Truly, Buntot Palos is the haven for photographers, nature lover, swimmer, trekker and fun seeker. Here you will find serenity, joy and adventure. There may not be much thing to do in Buntot Palos but I assure you that by just being there your day will be perfect.

Here are the things you can do in Buntot Palos:

  • Swimming
  • Bird Watching
  • Rappelling with proper gears of course
  • Picture taking (Lots of it)
  • Picnic
  • Sight seeing
  • Camping (camping site available before descending to the waterfalls)


Kudos to all who joined this trip. Much appreciated! Until the next Lakwatsa.


15 thoughts on “Buntot Palos Falls: Perfect Escape for Summer

  1. Hi, really awesome entry! If there’ll be just two people doing this, how much will a local guide charge us? Do we need to bring food, or are there stores around the falls area? Thanks for your help!

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  3. hi do we need to contact someone before going there? We’re planning to go tomorrow. And is their a place we can take a shower at the jump-off point during our return?

    • hi, in your first question Yes, i put the contact the details in my blog pls feel free to contact them. You can also ask her to have shower in their house of course for a minimal fee. Thanks for visiting lakwatserong sulit!

      • Hi! Sorry but I can’t seem to find the contact person for a guide in your post… Is it okay if you put it again here? Thank you!!! 🙂

      • as of today no need to contact any guide because once you reach the jump off point they will give you a mandatory guide. They are on rotation so by giving u a contact is already irrelevant. Enjoy!

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