three falls: hidden gem of sta. maria laguna

Three Falls

Famous name: Three Falls
Indigenous Name: Barók Falls
Location: Brgy. Laurel, Sta. Maria, Laguna
Trek time: 20-30 minutes


3 falls entry

The image above doesn’t actually represent the name of the waterfalls. The Three Falls gained its name because of the series of waterfalls that cascade along the river of Brgy. Laurel. This is according to the locals. The two other waterfalls are shown below this post. 

This place was not known to me up until the owner/driver of the van I usually hire for Lakwatserong Sulit events told me about his hometown. We were sharing stories about waterfalls in Laguna when he told me this waterfalls in his hometown. According to him this waterfalls is a good place for us since we’re looking for new place which is not so known to tourist.

After a few days I texted him when can I and my buddy visit his place and see the waterfalls. We would love to see it and experience it before offering it to Lakwatseros/Lakwatseras. Kuya Erwin (that’s his name) is very eager, he immediately replied to my text and asks me if I’m available on the weekend. I said Yes but my buddy has a plan with her family. We decided to have it a go even if I’m gonna do it solo.


The Plan

  • Kuya Erwin will bring me to the waterfalls early morning
  • On the afternoon we are to explore a cave that was known to locals but need to trek for 2 hrs.

On the eve of May 11, 2015 Kuya Erwin fetch me near my apartment. He offered me to stay at their house for the night so that we could go to the waterfalls very early. Since it’s summer there might be locals who will want to swim and beat the summer heat, to avoid the crowd and to have good photos we must be early.

Kuya Erwin’s house is in Brgy. Parang ng Buho which is located up ahead Brgy. Laurel if coming from the town of Sta. Maria.


The Road in Brgy. Laurel is very colorful. I was awed by the effort they made to make the road more pleasing. Along the way I also notice this hanging bridge in Brgy. Bagumbayan. I wasn’t about to take picture of this bridge but I was strucked by the colorful bird on the cable but unluckily the bird flew before I even got out of the van.


Marilag Ecopark

After a few minutes of struggling through rough road and some cemented road we finally arrived at the Registration Area. Yes, this place might be not so known but there’s a registration fee of P30.oo per pax. This is mainly because the local government improved the way up to the waterfalls. They installed cemented stairs, bamboo hanging bridges and a few huts near the first two waterfalls and they also hire someone to clean the place everyday. They name the place as Marilag Ecopark where the Three falls is located.


You will not miss the registration area because there’s a tree house near it. There are also cottages along the river near the registration and also a tarpaulin sign stating the need to register. After registering we cross the river and walk through some residential area.


Upon exiting the residential area we cross again the river then comes the start of the cemented stairs. Along the trail I notice the stations of the cross installed up to the 1st waterfall. The trek is just an easy 15-20 minutes up to the 2nd waterfalls but be careful though if your planning to go here because there are lots of small Lipa tree along the way (beware of its leaves coz it will make you itchy) . After the stairs we walk past this bamboo hanging bridge.



The First Waterfalls


Here comes the first waterfall. There’s a hut facing the waterfall so if you think you need a bit of rest after those stairs you may do so. The first waterfall is not much but the coldness of the water will make you relax. I decided not to stay longer because I want to have a good photos of the 2nd and 3rd waterfalls before the sun goes up.


The Three Falls

The second waterfalls best describe the name of the place since it has three waterfalls in it. The basin might not appeal for swimmers but if you’re just looking for a good place to take a dip this one is best for you.



The Barók Falls or Aambon Falls

There’s another stairs at the right side ofthe 2nd waterfalls. It leads to the third and final waterfalls. Once you get past the 2nd waterfalls you will see the highest among the three standing at around 20-30 meters. In here the basin is much bigger and the water is much stronger too. Best for swimmers who likes to dive and swim longer. This waterfalls was known to locals as Barok Falls. I might be wrong coz I saw in other blog that this was called Aambon Falls but when I ask Kuya Erwin he says that Aambon Falls is a different one that can be found a bit far from the main road. I will update this entry as soon as i get to know more about the Aambon Falls.




There’s a small opening at the foot of the Aambon Falls if you’re good at swimming you may want to try it. You will find a small opening at the back of the waterfalls, at first i thought it’s a cave but as I pursue inside i saw the dead-end a few feet away.

Overall, these waterfalls are awesome! Imagine your day hitting 3 waterfalls in a row plus a side trip if you still have time. Truly there are lots of gem in Laguna awaiting to be discovered.

One side trip is a visit to the growing numbers of Windmill in Rizal.

The beauty of this falls may not be comparable to Buntot Palos but it’s worth it!


That summarize the entirety of my waterfalls trip. Do you wanna hear more? Do you wanna know that I had a hard time climbing those slippery and lose rock just to get a good photo of the 3rd waterfalls. 😀 Do you wanna hear that I had swim naked at the 3rd waterfalls since I’m alone and very early. 😛 hahaha kidding


Ok, so you’re planning to check this out!

To get here you may need to follow my suggested itinerary or make your own based on the suggestions.

(How to get to Sta. Maria, Laguna)


As of today there is only 1 bus company that ply to Sta Maria, Laguna. DLTB offers this route, according to the blog I found the bus leaves Buendia at 5:00pm and from Sta. Maria the bus leaves by 4:30am. This is the only schedule. Alternatively, you may board the Raymond Bus in Legarda going to Infanta, Quezon. Let the conductor know that you are going to Siniloan or just tell the conductor to drop you their fare is around P120-P150 as of May 2015. In case the conductor forgot remember this. Once you are in Siniloan the bus will have a stopover at 7Eleven Siniloan remember it so you don’t get lost. Upon arriving Siniloan ask your way around to where the terminal of tricycles going to Sta. Maria is. According to one of my friends near Siniloan the fare going to Sta. Maria costs around P20-P30 per head but you have to wait until the tryc is full. You may hire a tryc if you want to go there fast. The cost range form P200-P300 according to my source and may depend on your haggling skills. If you are to hire a tryc make sure that you hire it up to Marilag Ecopark the jump off and reg area to the Three Falls!

Another possible route is via jeepneys in Cainta Robinsons Mall. According to Kuya Erwin you may try the jeepneys from Cainta to Siniloan the fare is P80 pesos up to Siniloan. From Siniloan follow the instruction above.

Practical and Comfortable Commuting

Just beside Raymond Bus is the UV Terminal going to Siniloan fare is around P120-P150 pesos. Just follow the instruction above once you’re in Siniloan. Remember though that the Van don’t leave the terminal unless it’s full or near full.

Private Vehicle

If you’re coming from Manila or Quezon City the fastest way to get there is via Marcos Highway and Antipolo. Upon reaching Mabitac, Laguna there’s an intersection near the Police station. To your right leads to Brgy Azufre and Mabato of Pangil and further leads to Jala-Jala. To your left leads to Sta. Maria, Laguna you may just ask around once you get there.


Suggested Itinerary (Commuting)
I’ve never tried this so you might want to double-check

0500 ETD Raymond Bus Legarda or Van to Siniloan
0800 ETA Siniloan/Breakfast
0830 ETD Siniloan to Sta. Maria
0920 ETA Brgy. Laurel, Sta. Maria Laguna
0930 Register/Start Hike
1000 Swimming
1130 Lunch (packed lunch)
1300 Back to jump off
1330 Head back to Siniloan
1430 Board Raymond Bus or Van going to Legarda
1730 ETA Manila

Note: With this itinerary it’s not practical to have a sidetrip in Rizal windmill unless you’re willing to spend a bit more on fare.

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I would like to share you some photos of our recent Lakwatserong Sulit events here in these Three Waterfalls


dsc20 dsc21 dsc22 dsc23 dsc3dsc24

Kudos to all who joined the event! Many thanks also to Kuya Erwin for helping me find this gem and for accomodating me in their house. My gratitude also to my buddy for helping me with the event.

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12 thoughts on “three falls: hidden gem of sta. maria laguna

  1. hi! can you recommend this place for family with small kids ages 1 to 8? will it be convenient for them?

    • hi, thanks for visiting out site. Regarding your question, Yes it’s convenient for a family outing. There maybe some portion of the trail that you need to carry your 1 year old kid but it’s manageable naman po.

  2. Hi I’ve read that you’ve been to butot palos. There are two entry points, right? Pangil eco Park and one in Brgy.Balian. can you give us a review on both? Really looking forward to visit the falls, but I’m a bit hesitant, if I could go coz of some health issues… Which entry should I take, better say a bit easier? Thanks!

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