10 Places to visit when Backpacking South Cebu

10 Places to visit in South Cebu


This list is just among the numbers of places you can visit and do while in South Cebu. We rounded up all the places we’ve visited during our 3 Day 2 Night backpacking trip in the Southern Section of Cebu. The numbering is based on our itinerary. Feel free to follow or skip if you don’t find it interesting or practical. Most of the places here are suggested by a co-blogger whose identity is very classified. We’ve known him as Mr. Mustachio (wink).

1. Swim with the Giants of the Sea

Oslob is very famous for its whale shark watching and this reputation made us decide to make it our first stop. Swimming with the whale shark cost us P500 per head for 30 minutes. I don’t have underwater camera so I don’t have photos of the whale shark but it’s the best 30 minutes of my whole life underwater adventure. Brrr… so cold yet so happy.


Sumilon Island is just across so if you’re with a group make sure to have a visit. We didn’t go there because it’s expensive for just the two of us. Well, there’s always a reason to come back.

2. Tumalon sa Tumalog 

Once done with whale shark watching we took a habal habal to Tumalog Falls but the Brgy. Councilor who offered a habal habal ride is very generous, she gave us the multi-cab instead with the same price of habal habal. Tumalog waterfalls has its unique rugged beauty and its water is very cold. If you love waterfalls you’ll definitely wouldn’t want to miss this.


Tumalog Falls of Tumalog, Oslob.

3. Level 1 to Level up in Aguinid Falls

It’s around noon when we finished Tumalog falls so we took our lunch at one of the Carenderia in Oslob while we are still wet. After which we took the Ceres Bus going to Aguinid falls. The drivers and conductors are very accommodating and kind. They took us in even if we are soaking wet. Aguinid Falls is located in Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu. In here we experience trekking along the river and enjoy the level 1 to level 5 series of waterfalls as they call it.




Aguinid Series of waterfalls of Tangbo, Samboan.

4. Make way for Kawasan Falls

Soaking wet again we rode the Ceres bus from Aguinid to Badian. We don’t really know our way around here but the people of Cebu are very accommodating, they give us the direction and places that are better if not best. The conductor drop us in Badian after another 30 minutes of travel. We are sure you’ve heard about Kawasan Falls because this one is known to many tourist. Kawasan is famous because of its clear skyblue water but during our visit the clear bluesky water was not present due to heavy downpour of rain the day before.


Kawasan Falls of Brgy. Matutinao, Badian.

Canyoneering is also one of the highlight in Kawasan but during our visit all events are cancelled due to heavy current of water.


Kawasan Falls of Brgy. Matutinao, Badian.

5. Camping in Moalboal White Beach

It’s almost four in the afternoon when we arrived at the highway of Badian. We are almost done with our first day except that we are not yet in Moalboal where we planned to stay for the night. We heard about the beauty of this place and we’ve also heard that it’s a haven for divers so we definitely want to visit it and spend the night in this small piece of paradise. Well, not just that, our reason is practically because I brought my tent so it’s best to spend the night at the beach to save money.


We arrived in Moalboal at around 8pm, lucky for us the tryc driver whom we hired owns a house near Bas Dako Beach so he put us near his place where we pitch our tent. We enjoy the night watching the stars and a bonus milky way was visible at dawn. We spend the rest of the morning snorkeling and enjoying the water of Bas Dako Beach.


White Beach of Bas Dako, Moalboal

6. Highest waterfalls in Cebu (Mantayupan Falls)

Nature lover wouldn’t want to miss the highest waterfalls in Cebu, right? We were supposed to go directly to Carcar City when we heard about this waterfalls from the locals in Moalboal while we are asking for places that may be worth visiting. Somebody suggested this place in Barili so we decided to give it a shot after our intimate communing with the Beach of Bas Dako. Mantayupan Falls is located in Brgy. Campangga, Barili. It stands at 98 meters which makes it the highest in Cebu.


Mantayupan Falls of Brgy. Campangga, Barili

Below this towering waterfalls is a beauty that cannot be ignored. There’s another waterfalls that stands below the towering Mantayupan Falls but we don’t know what’s it called maybe there’s no name for it coz it’s part of Mantayupan falls. It stands at 14 meters high.


There are more places to visit in Barili but we don’t have the luxury of time so we proceeded to our next destination. The Heritage City of Carcar.

7. Heritage City of Carcar 

This place is known for their heritage houses and establishments. Our first stop is the Mariano Mercado’s Mansion which is located just along the highway where the road going to St. Catherine Church unite.

DSC_0272While walking going to St. Catherine Church we saw Leon Kilat’s Monument, Carcar City Museum and Carcar City Hall.


Museum of Carcar

We visited the museum, the old St. Catherine Church and St. Catherine old building together with some other old houses along the way. We’ve heard that chicharon in Carcar is also a must try but we didn’t try it since I’m always in Bulacan where chicharon is always part of pasalubong and chicharon here is a bit expensive.


St. Catherine Church

We had lunch at the market of Carcar where we eat local dishes. After lunch we decided that we will now go to Dalaguete for O Peak.

 8. Lechon in Carcar

We’re ignorant about the lechon in Carcar up until we walked at the public market leading to the Bus station going to Dalaguete. We already had our lunch so we were dismay to find out that there’s a lechonan at the public market. grrr… sayang. Anyway, since we wanted to try lechon we check the place and all the sellers are offering free taste of the crispy skin of their lechon. Our eyes were filled with delight for those free crsipy skin. (mouth-watering ehy) We tried the free taste of course but only at the store where we bought our planned dinner in Osmena Peak. 😀 Ok, this is crazy my excitement with the lechon filled my head and oh I forgot to take pictures of the lechon. hahaha sharap kasi eh!

9. At the Roof of Cebu

It’s raining cats and dogs when we reach Dalaguete so we thought our plan for O peak might be canceled. We rest first at a Lomi house near the terminal of habal habal going to O peak. Here we met a fellow traveler Joaquin and Christel. We shared stories of our travels and adventures while eating Lomi. They said that they will push through with their overnight plan in O Peak so we decided that we will also spend the night in O peak since the rain had stop.


Osmeña Peak dominates the immense mountain ranges of Cebu. It stands at 1,013 MASL making it the highest mountain in the whole island of Cebu. Surprisingly, the O peak is the easiest climb we’ve had. The habal habal took us near the O peak so we only did a short trek. It’s almost dark when we get to O peak but the view is stunning specially with the bright red color of the sky making it like it’s on fire. It’s the magic hour!

DSC_0316We pitch our tent away from the group of campers to avoid the party noise during the night so we could have a good sleep. During the morning the 360 degrees view from the O peak makes it a very interesting place to visit. The rolling hills, the vegetable plantations, the islands, and the shore makes the view complete. It’s incredible, you can scream your thanks on top of your lungs to the wonderful creator for this gift.


After breakfast we decided to descend and visit the town of Dalaguete.

10. Dalaguete the gateway to O Peak 

Our O peak experience is somewhat irreplaceable with the help from our generous habal habal driver we washed up at his friend’s house in Dalaguete after O Peak.

We went straight to poblacion to visit the old Parish Church of San Guillermo de Aquitania one of the National Historical landmark of Dalaguete.


This religious edifice played a big role in the history of Dalaguete. This was once a fortress that protects the inhabitants from pirate moro attacks during the 18th century.

Some portion of the church were damage by the 7.9 magnitude earthquake that shook Bohol. To date, the damage has been repaired through the help from the Prince Claus Funds for Culture and Development.

Don’t forget also to visit Mantalongon, the summer capital of Cebu and also known as the vegetable basket of Cebu.


Bonus: Magellan’s Cross and Sto. Nino Church

On the third day we completed our South Cebu backpacking it is time now to go to Cebu City and travel back to Manila. But not just yet because there’s a bonus place we want you to see too. This is of course the Sto. Nino Church and Magellan’s Cross.

Basilica Minore del Santo Niño


The image of the Santo Niño, which is kept in the Santo Nino Chapel of the Basilica, is considered the oldest religious relic in the Philippines . This was the image that Magellan gave to Queen Juana as a gift during the baptism of King Humabon and his wife Queen Juana on April 14, 1521 .

Magellan’s Cross


Magellan’s Cross is a Christian cross planted by Portuguese, and Spanish explorers as ordered by Ferdinand Magellan upon arriving in Cebu in the Philippines on March 15 , 1521


Don’t miss the chance to see this magnificent Historical landmark. It makes us who we are today.


This entry is just a guide if you’re planning to do backpacking in South Cebu. We hope that you may also add some more to this list.  We know there are a lot more to see and experience in South Cebu that’s why we will be back for more. We also hope that you make the most out of your travel experience make it Sulit and make everything a learning experience.

Thank you note!

Our journey would have not been possible without the help from different people. We would like to thank Mr. Mustachio from www.mustachioventures.blogspot.com for patiently answering all my queries about places in South Cebu. Kudos to you and to your blog it helped us a lot. We hope to meet you soon!

To the people we’ve meet along the way a ton of thanks! We may someday forget your names but your face and your generosity will forever remain in our hearts.


The Guides of Oslob whale shark watching


Tatay Ricky who provides us detailed information on where to go after Oslob


To this family who were generous enough to offer their home for us to wash up

and to the countless people and faces whom we get to know along the way. Daghang Salamat!

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3 thoughts on “10 Places to visit when Backpacking South Cebu

  1. Wow, you were able to visit so many places in just three days! I myself have never been to Aguinid Falls! 😀

    Thank you for the special mention, Mon. Too bad we did not get to meet. I blame it on the heavy downpour and the bad battery life of mobile phones!

    Do come back to Cebu soon. Maybe I can be the third wheel next time you’re here! Hahaha

    Safe travels. Cheers!

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