12 Beaches that will make you want to save for the summer

12 Beaches that should be in your bucket list

Philippine archipelago comprises of 7,107 islands which houses spectacular if not the best beaches. We are very rich in natural resources and our gems are way more than we could imagine.  Choosing the best beach for me is a tough choice because there are a lot of things to consider: the sand, the location, the landscape, the waves, the people and personal experience. That’s why the list below is just a compilation of Lakwatserong Sulit Philippine Beaches to choose from and hopefully it inspires you to save for the summer and make your own travel plans. I believe that each island and beaches has its own unique beauty depends on your taste and preference.

1. Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan


Nacpan Beach is one of my favorite, though I’ve only visited this place once I am considering this as the most tranquil beach. If you happen to love the quietness of the beach this one is definitely for you. A perfect place to have some chill me-time moment with its undisturbed ambiance. The ivory sand coupled with its very lengthy shoreline dotted with swaying coconut trees will truly relax your senses.

Another remarkable site to behold is the picturesque view of Nacpan and Calintang twin beach. It is best viewed atop the hill on the Southwest tip of Calitang beach. A photographer’s dream! Prodigious!



There are cheap accommodations along the coastline if you decided to stay for the night and watch the night sky filled with stars. There are also restaurants that offer seafood and local dishes, feel free to pick what you like.

To get here you may have to ride a habal-habal or rent a tricycle from El Nido town or rent a motorbike. Another cheap way to get here is to join a group tour apart from El Nido tour that’s being offered in town.

2. Antonia Beach, Gigantes Island, Carles, Iloilo


Yes! You read it right Antonia Beach it is. Most pictures of Gigantes Islands in the internet will point you to Cabugao Gamay or Tangke Lagoon but for me it would be this place. Antonia beach is just one of the beaches you will have to visit when you go to Gigantes Island but here you can enjoy the fine white sand and have a sample of their wasay wasay shellfish. It’s the only place in the entire tour that has a sari-sari store that’s why most boat operator choose this as a lunch stop over.

Copy of DSC_0709

Tangke Lagoon is comparable to the secret lagoon in Palawan. On some months it’s easy to get inside but on most cases the boat cannot go near the lagoon because of the big waves so I would recommend that you come here during summer.

To get here you have to ride a boat from port Estancia either rented or public boat. Approximate travel time is 2 hours. Have at least 3 days to fully enjoy this place because there’s a lot of things and places to see and visit.

3. Maniwaya Island, Sta. Cruz, Marinduque


Marinduque is very famous because of its Holy Week Celebration known as Moriones Festival, but do you know that aside from this famous celebration there are also beaches that make this island very interesting. One of them is the Maniwaya Island located in Sta. Cruz. Maniwaya Island is actually an island barangay just less than an hour boat ride from the mainland town of Sta. Cruz. This beach is widely known to the locals and its gaining popularity to the visitors of Moriones Festival. It is becoming a known side trip after the ravishing Moriones Celebration. You can either have the island for a day or do an overnight. You can pitch your tent or rent a cottage if you’re planning to stay overnight.


To get here, I would assume that you will be coming from Boac if you are to watch the Moriones Festival. There’s a jeepney terminal near Marinduque Recreational Center and Sports Arena bound for Sta. Cruz. Alight at Sta. Cruz Municipal Hall and visit the old church of Sta. Cruz before proceeding to the wharf where public boat to Maniwaya awaits. Be careful though about the schedule of the boats because if you missed the last trip while on Maniwaya you will be forced to do overnight.

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4. Calaguas Island, Vinzons, Camarines Norte


Bicol Region has been favored by nature with lots of beautiful places one of them is the Calaguas Island which is very famous to the world of beach chasers.  Surely once you set foot in the island you’ll definitely fall in love with its fine white sand its clear turquoise water, clear blue sky and its breezy atmosphere during the night. Stars shine bright too during the night in Calaguas.

The best way to enjoy Calaguas is to do camping, cook your own food, do your own thing and enjoy the island life, and make friends with other beach goers and share beach experiences. You just might have another place to put in your long list of beaches to visit.

From Vinzons there are lots of boat operators offering a trip to Calaguas you can either rent your own boat or join other visitors. The cheaper way of course is to join with a group.

5. Hundred Islands, Bolinao, Pangasinan


If you’re dreaming of visiting the entire 7,107 islands of the Philippines you might consider visiting this place first because in here you’ll see hundreds of it in one visit. Hundred Islands is located in Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan and it is known because of its picturesque landscape and beaches. Hundred islands is also a home of different corals so I would recommend that you bring you snorkeling gear and underwater camera if you plan to come here.

To get here you may just take a bus from Manila to Alaminos and from there hire a tricycle to Brgy. Lucap. Register then find a boat ride or follow your itinerary.

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6. Blue Lagoon, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte


I’ve done a five day Northern DIY tour in the past and I’ve come to visit Pagudpud and spend at least 2 nights in a tent in this place called Blue Lagoon. The experience is unforgettable especially when there was a moment of infinite happiness while communing with nature. It somehow awakens the wanderlust in me. The sound of the waves during the night resonate through my soul it’s as if I am about to discover many great things while doing this kind of thing.

Pagudpud is known to almost everyone because its a tourist destination but if you come here in the right timing you might just enjoy the beach even more.

Don’t forget to visit Vigan, the Paoay church, the windmill, the Kapurpurawan rock formation and many more. You can either join a group tour or do a DIY adventure.

7. Poctoy White Beach, Torrijos, Marinduque


I’ve had a not so much good experience in Poctoy Beach when I was here. I thought this would be a perfect spot to camp overnight but unluckily the beach is over-crowded and the garbage is all over the place. I have put my lamentation on this beach in my post Poctoy White Beach: Beauty and Destruction  but now I have come to a conclusion that I must visit this place again hopefully during the off-peak season and see the difference.

Though I am disappointed the nature has its way of comforting me coz as I was lamenting about the garbage and the crowd the sky began to have a hue of gold. It was a jaw dropping scene coupled with Mt. Malindig on the background. I am determined to go back to this place and if given a chance I would also climb Mt. Malindig.

8. Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas


For those living in Manila this one’s for you! One of the few remaining near Manila Beach destination is just within reach. This place is called Burot Beach it is located in Calatagan, Batangas. This place is known because of its proximity and the populous presence of different star fish. The spectacular sunset lure even the not-so-beach-lover. The sandbar called Isla Puting Buhangin makes the visit almost perfect. Just be careful though with sea urchins.

A side trip to Cape Santiago Lighthouse is also a must. The Cape Santiago lighthouse is one of the few remaining lighthouse built by the Spaniards. The view of the sunset here is also very pleasing, prepare yourself to be amazed.

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9. Anawangin Cove, San Antonio, Zambales


Most of the people I know have been to Anawangin and we know that this place offers a quite unique landscape. The sand is not white but the beach itself will surely be a delight. This place is also one of the near Manila Beach destinations. You can reach this via bus and a short boat ride. If you are more adventurous you may try the traverse Mt. Pundaquit to Anawangin which is a bit exhausting but offers a different kind of view and perspective.


Anawangin Cove can get crowded during weekends so if you’re the type of person who’s passion and love for the beach is through its tranquility try going here on weekdays. Your visit to Anawangin will never be complete without a quick visit to the Capones Island which houses the Capones Lighthouse one of the few remaining lighthouse built by the Spaniards.

A separate post will be posted soon for Nagsaza Cove.

10. Sunrise Beach, Bagac, Bataan


Sunrise Beach is not really known nor was heard about I just coined it from the locals in Bagac, Bataan.  There’s a La Salle School in Bagac, Bataan called the Jaime Hilario Integrated School and it is remotely located in one of the coastal area in Bagac. This beach is just a few meters away from JHIS. I found this beach when I was volunteering for La Salle when I was a student.

I want to share this Beach but I don’t want to share much of its whereabouts coz I come here once in a while to have my me time moment. I don’t want this beach to be known to tourist because I don’t want it to be crowded but I noticed during my last visit that there are more visitors here than before.

I love the locals here they are very kind to me. My special thanks go to Ate Sophie for always taking care of me when I am here.

If you will insist to ask me of its whereabouts please don’t. Instead, try going to Morong Beach it has one of the nicest sunset I’ve seen have a side trip to Pawikan Center and then make your way to Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar. You’ll surely love it. Don’t leave Bagac without tasting its kasoy.

11. Dingalan White Beach, Dingalan, Aurora


Dingalan White Beach is a 10 -minute’s boat ride from town proper. Locals do come here by walking through the rocky coastline. It may take less than an hour by walking, if you are up to the challenge you may do so you’ll save the boat fare. White Beach as they call it is a natural enclave and isolated hideaways which has wide white sand coral beach. There are nipa huts built along the coast of the white beach that you can rent. The ultimate thing that you can get here is the isolation of the place it’s very tranquil.

There is a new lighthouse being built when I visited this place last March 2015, the lighthouse is the same as the one in Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan.


According to the Aurora province website Dingalan is envisioned primarily as an International Container Port for Central Luzon on the Eastern Seaboard to compliment Subic Bay Freeport on the west coast. The role of Dingalan is defined by Regional planners (NEDA, SCAD) as that of a transshipment hub.

Thanks to Vera and Anthony for making this trip happens.

PS, the boatmen who brought us here offered me (alone) a ride that made me wants to come back here soon. You want to know why? Because he took me to the other side of the beach which made my mind blown the view from the boat resembles the picturesque view of Batanes. (I don’t have pictures to show because the boatmen said that my SLR will get wet if I were to bring it) The waves though are very treacherous it almost capsized our boat.

12. Fortune Island, Nasugbu, Batangas

fortuneisland 802

Fortune Island may be the last on this list but again this list is in no particular order. In fact, Fortune Island is the easiest and enjoyable place for a group tour. I am very happy to bring guests here just like the one in the photo (Insert name Ate Marla). Yes, I do often come here because of my tour packages. Every visit is a new experience I treasure, kudos to those who joined us here.

fortuneisland 570


Many guests favored this island because of its Santorini effect (lakas daw maka-santorini ng isla). Cliff jumping probably is the most daring thing to do here aside from snorkeling, trekking to the lighthouse and beach bumming.

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This wraps up the list. Would you care to share us your favorite Beaches/Beaches?

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