Lakwatserong Sulit Free Calendar

Free 2016 Desktop Calendar 

It’s been a while since I publish something in this blog. I had a hiatus for a few months. I’ve been busy organizing events coupled with my weekday work. I feel like I’m stagnating so to start things up let me share something to you guys. I have created a Downloadable Desktop Calendar, I know it might not be the best but I hope you like it. Feel free to download all the photos and in return please like our facebook page: Lakwatserong Sulit

Short story behind the photos

Allow me to tell a short story behind every photo so you would have an idea as to where I took the it.

1 january

January: Nothing beats the atop an old lighthouse right? This one is the Capones Lighthouse located in Capones Island, San Antonio, Zambales. I took this during my organized event in Mt. Pundaquit traverse to Anawangin Cove. Capones Island is a good sidetrip though I’ve been thinking of doing an overnight near the lighthouse just to experience it.

2 february

February: “Sweet moment captured” this was taken in Torrijos, Marinduque during our visit to the must see Moriones Festival last 2014. The sunset there is awesome. According to my friend the boat parked along the shore are going to Mindoro.

3 march

March: What would you do when you have a day to spend in Banaue? Me: I would spend it in Batad Rice Terraces Amphitheater. The panoramic view of this rice terraces took my breath away. It’s simply amazing.

4 april

April: Own an island!!! Even just for a day or two. Literally it’s as if we owned the island when we got there. Jomalig is a long way from home but in here you’ll find a home that you want to own for the rest of your life. This small island is called “Pulo” by the locals.

5 may

May: I’m sure most of you are dreaming of watching the Sunrise in Mt. Pulag, to inspire you more here’s a photo of our last event in Pulag together with these awesome people. Photo taken last October 25, 2015.

6 june

June: Here’s a simple reminder that I hope will help each one of us realized how beautiful a forest can be. The mossy forest of Mt. Pack in our Mt. Purgatory Traverse climb located in Bokod, Benguet.

7 july

July: Why do you climb mountains? A sort of questions I always encounter and yet my answer varies depends on who asks. 😀 Just kidding! I’m sure you do have your own reasons. Care to share it with us? This photo was taken in Tarak Ridge, Mariveles, Bataan in our Organized climb last 2014. The Ridge has it’s own beauty and the Papaya River is a must to experience but please don’t use soap when you take a bath there.

8 august

August: A peek in our past doesn’t hurt us but rather make us informed people. This Battery is located in Corregidor Island used during the Japanese Invasion. It was a momentous event when I went here, I was invited to attend the Commemoration of Jabidah Massacre by our muslim brothers and sisters from Anak Mindanao. I was so lucky to have them. Kodos for inviting me the 2nd time.

9 september

September: It goes in a saying that “An early bird catches an early worm” but how about early bird catches a beautiful hue of the sunrise Isn’t it worth it. While the Hundred Islands is famous because of its literal panoramic view of hundreds of islands the sunrise here is also a must to watch. Don’t get wasted during the night or else you’re gonna miss this. This photo was taken in Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos, Pangasinan the jump off to Hundred Islands.

10 october

October: Food! Food! Food! It’s an essential part of our daily lives, I mean who can live without it? In here the food are just the ordinary one we bring whenever we go climbing. A tinola here a dangit there and whatever you can carry so long as it sustain you for the hike. This is our menu during our climb to Mt. Bulusan last 2015 Holy Week Climb.

11 november

November: Kayaking is a must try when you are in Bulusan Lake. See how those smile gives light to the photo, it’s one of a kind experience so go out and try it. We had a good time immediately after our climb to Mt. Bulusan that we almost forgot the body aches we had that day.

12 december

December: This one deserves a good look. The emerald green color of the lake of Mt. Pinatubo is the best. If you’re planning to visit Pinatubo be sure to research what month is the best to experience it coz that color doesn’t happen all year round. This photo was taken in one of our organized event to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo.

There, it’s complete. I hope you like! Kindly like our page in facebook Lakwatserong Sulit and join our fb group Lakwatserong Sulit Adventures to know more of our upcoming schedules.



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