mt. asog: the mountain of the rising sun

Mt. Asog / Mt. Iriga

Iriga City, Camarines Sur
1,140 MASL
Jump Off: Sitio Ilian, Brgy. San Nicolas
Trek time: 3 – 4 hrs.
Considered a Minor climb with a difficulty level of 4/9


This old volcano saw my entire childhood literally because our house is just located at the foot of Mt. Asog where I play, study and most of all do hard labor to earn money. My grandfathers’ land is located almost  midway to the summit and we usually go there every weekend to either plant or harvest corn and other vegetable plant such as okra, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots etc. Mt. Asog has a special place in me since this is where my parents get most of our product to sustain our needs.  Continue reading

10 Places to visit when Backpacking South Cebu

10 Places to visit in South Cebu


This list is just among the numbers of places you can visit and do while in South Cebu. We rounded up all the places we’ve visited during our 3 Day 2 Night backpacking trip in the Southern Section of Cebu. The numbering is based on our itinerary. Feel free to follow or skip if you don’t find it interesting or practical. Most of the places here are suggested by a co-blogger whose identity is very classified. We’ve known him as Mr. Mustachio (wink).

1. Swim with the Giants of the Sea

Oslob is very famous for its whale shark watching and this reputation made us decide to make it our first stop. Swimming with the whale shark cost us P500 per head for 30 minutes. I don’t have underwater camera so I don’t have photos of the whale shark but it’s the best 30 minutes of my whole life underwater adventure. Brrr… so cold yet so happy. Continue reading

three falls: hidden gem of sta. maria laguna

Three Falls

Famous name: Three Falls
Indigenous Name: Barók Falls
Location: Brgy. Laurel, Sta. Maria, Laguna
Trek time: 20-30 minutes


3 falls entry

The image above doesn’t actually represent the name of the waterfalls. The Three Falls gained its name because of the series of waterfalls that cascade along the river of Brgy. Laurel. This is according to the locals. The two other waterfalls are shown below this post.  Continue reading

mt. irid: gateway to mossy forest

Mt. Irid: 2nd Day

Sitio Sadlak, Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal
Jump-off: Brgy. Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal
1,475 + MASL (According to Altimeter reading)


This is what happened on the second day of our climb to Mt. Irid, a continuation to
mt. irid: the road to leeches and river crossing.
Tired, Happy and Fulfilled that’s how we felt before we bid goodnight to each other. We had a very sound sleep, thanks to the coldness of the night. It was like we were being drag to a deeper sleep all through the night.

Right before the dawn breaks, we were awaken by the commotion made by the stevedores preparing their breakfast. It was 4:00am in my watch so I woke up the same with others. We started preparing our breakfast, corned beef, rice, bread, coffee, tuna, spam etc.. Continue reading

A Quick getaway to Magdapio Falls

Magdapio (Pagsanjan) Falls via Cavinti

Cavinti, Laguna
Jump-off:  Pueblo El Salvador Cavinti Nature’s Park & Picnic Grove
Brgy. Tibatib, Cavinti


When i was a kid or rather elementary student I only see Pagsanjan Falls in a post card in our classrooms. I’ve been fascinated with its beauty and swear to one day visit it and took photos of it myself. Finding time and making that promise fulfilled is somewhat harder than I imagined. On the year 2007 I was able to join a school activity “Coastal Clean Up” in Lumban, Laguna and that’s when I renewed my promise to visit Pagsanjan Falls because of the stories from locals and the sign board hanging all-over the road. Continue reading

Buntot Palos Falls: Perfect Escape for Summer

Buntot Palos Waterfalls

Brgy. Natividad, Pangil, Laguna
Jump-off Point: Barangay Balian
Height: Approximately 80 meters
Entrance Fee: P25.00 as of March 2014
Guide Fee: P300 (Standard)

The locals from Pangil, Laguna prefer to stay and have a dip in their nearby Panguil river eco-park and trek the Ambon-ambon waterfalls during summer season but the daring choose Buntot Palos falls which is much larger, more beautiful with stunning scenery and has an amazing landscape. Buntot Palos was named after a local fish commonly found in the area locally known as Palos (Eel). The shape of the waterfalls is just like that of an Eel so then they call it Buntot Palos.

Buntot Palos  is known all over the internet, in fact you’ll find different itineraries and tips on how to get there. Below you’ll find the itinerary of LS to Buntot Palos.


March 9, 2014

Lakwatserong Sulit organized a trip with his friends to escape the heat of Manila. LS had been to Brgy. Balian many times over but it was for a community project in all the barangays of Pangil, Laguna. The first time he trek Buntot Palos was last Feb. 2013 with his beloved with the help from his friends from Balian. It was just a quick trip due to limited time. Continue reading

Buruwisan Falls, Lanzones Falls and Batya-batya Falls

Trekking Mt. Romelo for the second time.

The last time I trek here was during rainy season.  It was muddier and there are presence of “limatik” along the trail that made it more thrilling. It took us more than three hours during that time but this summer it only took us two and a half hour. Continue reading