10 Places to visit when Backpacking South Cebu

10 Places to visit in South Cebu


This list is just among the numbers of places you can visit and do while in South Cebu. We rounded up all the places we’ve visited during our 3 Day 2 Night backpacking trip in the Southern Section of Cebu. The numbering is based on our itinerary. Feel free to follow or skip if you don’t find it interesting or practical. Most of the places here are suggested by a co-blogger whose identity is very classified. We’ve known him as Mr. Mustachio (wink).

1. Swim with the Giants of the Sea

Oslob is very famous for its whale shark watching and this reputation made us decide to make it our first stop. Swimming with the whale shark cost us P500 per head for 30 minutes. I don’t have underwater camera so I don’t have photos of the whale shark but it’s the best 30 minutes of my whole life underwater adventure. Brrr… so cold yet so happy. Continue reading


three falls: hidden gem of sta. maria laguna

Three Falls

Famous name: Three Falls
Indigenous Name: Barók Falls
Location: Brgy. Laurel, Sta. Maria, Laguna
Trek time: 20-30 minutes


3 falls entry

The image above doesn’t actually represent the name of the waterfalls. The Three Falls gained its name because of the series of waterfalls that cascade along the river of Brgy. Laurel. This is according to the locals. The two other waterfalls are shown below this post.  Continue reading

mt. kalisungan

Mt. Kalisungan

Mt. Kalisungan
760 MASL
Calauan, Laguna
Jump off: Brgy. Lamot Dos, Calauan, Laguna
Trek time: 2.5 – 3 hrs.


Looking for a relax day hike was never easy especially when you’re tired of climbing the same mountain over and over. There are things to consider if you’re doing this alone. First is budget, how much would you willing to spend for a quick day hike? Second is itinerary, answers to what, where and how’s. Though this may be hard to do, I find it interesting to plan my own itinerary and put on some rules so that I may know how to break them when I get there.

There’s always another weekend to plan after a long and arduous stressful weekdays. For this entry I found Mt. Kalisungan as my destination.

The planned dayhike becomes an overnight affair!

We boarded the Greenstar Bus in Buendia at around 4pm. After enduring 4 hrs of heavy traffic, we finally arrived in Masapang, Calauan where the duck monument can be found. We planned to stay for the night in Don Bosco relocation area where I know some folks. We bought some food for dinner to share. We arrived at around 8 pm and have our dinner. We stayed in one of the empty houses the relocation site and pitch our hammock. We used hammock to survive the night. Continue reading

fortune island|santorini of batangas

The Greek-inspired Structures of Batangas

Fortune Island
Nasugbu, Batangas

The island lies 14km off shore of Brgy. Bucana in Nasugbu Batangas. The island is perfect for a day tour activity but would also be worth it for an overnight camping. The islands’ main features are the Greek inspired structure of Acropolis in Athens. its pristine beach with its semi-fine white sand and of course its beautiful turquoise water. Surely you will never run out of things to do for a day in the island.

Continue reading

mt. irid: itinerary

Mt. Irid Preparation

Mt. Irid is located in Tanay, Rizal, it is part of Sierra Madre Range. It is one of the highest mountain in Tanay if not the highest. In order for you to climb Mt. Irid you have to prepare some important things that are required by the LGU. Also, I posted some reminders and concerns for your guidance.

To view our Mt. Irid experience pls do visit

mt. irid: the road to leeches and river crossing 1st Day and

mt. irid: gateway to mossy forest 2nd Day


Things needed

  • Written letter of Intent to Climb Mt. Irid addressed to Mayor  Rafael A. Tanjuatco
  • Coordinate with the locals for the permit (you may contact Pedrito “Pitoy” Campus at 09193265454
  • Contact a local jeepney that you can charter from Cogeo to Sta. Ines or ask kuya “Pitoy”
  • Once you arrive make a courtesy call to the detachment in Sta. Ines

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mt. irid: gateway to mossy forest

Mt. Irid: 2nd Day

Sitio Sadlak, Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal
Jump-off: Brgy. Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal
1,475 + MASL (According to Altimeter reading)


This is what happened on the second day of our climb to Mt. Irid, a continuation to
mt. irid: the road to leeches and river crossing.
Tired, Happy and Fulfilled that’s how we felt before we bid goodnight to each other. We had a very sound sleep, thanks to the coldness of the night. It was like we were being drag to a deeper sleep all through the night.

Right before the dawn breaks, we were awaken by the commotion made by the stevedores preparing their breakfast. It was 4:00am in my watch so I woke up the same with others. We started preparing our breakfast, corned beef, rice, bread, coffee, tuna, spam etc.. Continue reading

mt. irid: the road to leeches and river crossing

Mt. Irid 1st Day

Sitio Sadlak, Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal
Jump-off: Brgy. Sta. Ines, Tanay, Rizal
1,475 + MASL (According to Altimeter reading)


Here I am again wondering where to go and haven’t decided yet if I will to climb Mt. Irid on the weekends of August 9 and 10. I have no plans for the weekend except for the invite from a friend to climb this unfamiliar terrain. I haven’t checked Mt. Irid nor I have the desire to search it over the internet. Friday afternoon I decided to give it a go, my friend Raymund sent me the itinerary but it was vague. Anyway, I still packed my things and the necessities for the climb except that I have not read to not bring a tent. Arrggh additional weight! Continue reading

mt. tagapo: itinerary

Talim Island, Laguna de Bay
Jump-off: Brgy. Janosa (Talim Island) Binangonan, Rizal
438+ MASL


How to get to Mt. Tagapo from Binangonan

There are regular public boat transportation that ply from Binangonan port to Talim Island. First trip starts at 6:30 am so be sure to be there by that time if you plan to be early at the summit.

To find the boat that ply to Talim Island just reach Binangonan and look for the Church, there’s a street across the church. Walk straight up to the port and right before you enter the port there’s a boat park to your right ask if it is bound for Brgy. Janosa, if so board it. Wait until it depart. Estimated time of travel is 1 hour. If you didn’t make it for the first trip, don’t worry there’s an approximately 1.5 hrs interval before the next trip. Continue reading