Something Different

Are you bored and got nowhere else to go this coming weekend of May 28-29, 2016. You may want to try something different aside from your weekend outdoor trips. Here are some of the events near Manila that you may want to consider.

1. Camerahaus Photo Festival Event

If you love photography you may want to check out this festival. The Camerahaus Photo Festival Here’s what they are offering; the event will showcase a lot of camera-hacks, tips, and techniques on how to shoot creatively; there will be talks and workshops that will be facilitated by some of the best photographers and videographers in the country; there are also some good stuff to be given away if you are an early bird.

I’m sure you will have fun in this two day event. Just visit their site to know more of the details. Don’t worry It’s free.

2. Philippine Harvest, an organic, artisanal, natural and indigenous agri food fair

Aside from the activity above you may want to check out the event of the Department of Agriculture in BGC Central Square. In here, more than thirty exhibitors curated by the Department of Agriculture (DA) will be present to showcase and sell products which include coconut and its derivatives, adlai, heirloom rice, organic colored rice, artisanal chocolates, dairy products, honey, cacao, coffee, tabon-tabon, sua and organic meat. A good opportunity to meet our local farmers and have some of their fresh products. Continue reading