Buntot Palos Falls: Perfect Escape for Summer

Buntot Palos Waterfalls

Brgy. Natividad, Pangil, Laguna
Jump-off Point: Barangay Balian
Height: Approximately 80 meters
Entrance Fee: P25.00 as of March 2014
Guide Fee: P300 (Standard)

The locals from Pangil, Laguna prefer to stay and have a dip in their nearby Panguil river eco-park and trek the Ambon-ambon waterfalls during summer season but the daring choose Buntot Palos falls which is much larger, more beautiful with stunning scenery and has an amazing landscape. Buntot Palos was named after a local fish commonly found in the area locally known as Palos (Eel). The shape of the waterfalls is just like that of an Eel so then they call it Buntot Palos.

Buntot Palos¬† is known all over the internet, in fact you’ll find different itineraries and tips on how to get there. Below you’ll find the itinerary of LS to Buntot Palos.


March 9, 2014

Lakwatserong Sulit organized a trip with his friends to escape the heat of Manila. LS had been to Brgy. Balian many times over but it was for a community project in all the barangays of Pangil, Laguna. The first time he trek Buntot Palos was last Feb. 2013 with his beloved with the help from his friends from Balian. It was just a quick trip due to limited time. Continue reading