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Free 2016 Desktop Calendar 

It’s been a while since I publish something in this blog. I had a hiatus for a few months. I’ve been busy organizing events coupled with my weekday work. I feel like I’m stagnating so to start things up let me share something to you guys. I have created a Downloadable Desktop Calendar, I know it might not be the best but I hope you like it. Feel free to download all the photos and in return please like our facebook page: Lakwatserong Sulit

Short story behind the photos

Allow me to tell a short story behind every photo so you would have an idea as to where I took the it.

1 january

January: Nothing beats the atop an old lighthouse right? This one is the Capones Lighthouse located in Capones Island, San Antonio, Zambales. I took this during my organized event in Mt. Pundaquit traverse to Anawangin Cove. Capones Island is a good sidetrip though I’ve been thinking of doing an overnight near the lighthouse just to experience it.

2 february

February: “Sweet moment captured” this was taken in Torrijos, Marinduque during our visit to the must see Moriones Festival last 2014. The sunset there is awesome. According to my friend the boat parked along the shore are going to Mindoro. Continue reading

12 Beaches that will make you want to save for the summer

12 Beaches that should be in your bucket list

Philippine archipelago comprises of 7,107 islands which houses spectacular if not the best beaches. We are very rich in natural resources and our gems are way more than we could imagine.  Choosing the best beach for me is a tough choice because there are a lot of things to consider: the sand, the location, the landscape, the waves, the people and personal experience. That’s why the list below is just a compilation of Lakwatserong Sulit Philippine Beaches to choose from and hopefully it inspires you to save for the summer and make your own travel plans. I believe that each island and beaches has its own unique beauty depends on your taste and preference.

1. Nacpan Beach, El Nido, Palawan


Nacpan Beach is one of my favorite, though I’ve only visited this place once I am considering this as the most tranquil beach. If you happen to love the quietness of the beach this one is definitely for you. A perfect place to have some chill me-time moment with its undisturbed ambiance. The ivory sand coupled with its very lengthy shoreline dotted with swaying coconut trees will truly relax your senses. Continue reading

Hundred Islands (Where to dine)

Hundred Islands: Places to Dine

Your stay in Hundred will never be complete without trying the food that the town has to offer. Lakwatserong Sulit compiled a list of the place where you can try different variety of food.


Where to Dine

1. Angie’s Bulalo & Panciteria
Lovelygies Bakeshop
Quezon Ave., Brgy. Poblacion
Contact no. 0917-624-2772 Continue reading

Hundred Islands (Where to Stay)

Hundred Islands: Places to Stay

Another perfect place to spend your summer is to spend it in Hundred Islands. You’ll surely fall in love with the beauty of this place. Here are some more tips to where you could stay while in Hundred Islands.


Where to Stay

1. The Empress Inn IV LTD. Co.
National Road Brgy. Bolaney
Contact no. 0939-156-9294 / 0908-874-2649 Continue reading

Hundred Islands

Hundred Islands National Park (HINP)

Alaminos, Pangasinan
December 28, 2013


Facts about Hundred Islands

  • Area: 1,844 hectares
  • 123 Islands and Islets
  • 1st National Park declared in the Philippines
  • Home of thousands of giant clams locally known as taklobos, located in the 3 major developed islands- Quezon, Children and Governors


DSC_0122Brgy. Lucap. Lighthouse

DSC_0170Lucap Lighthouse viewed from Ted’s by the Sea Resort

Things to do in Hundred Islands

  • Island hopping
  • Swimming
  • Spelunking
  • Helmet Diving
  • Scuba Diving
  • Camping
  • Trekking
  • Snorkeling
  • Bird and Bat Watching
  • Kayaking


Excited na!

DSC_0214Rented boat for Island hopping, snorkeling etc…

DSC_0295Governor’s Island


Here’s the need to know before you plan your trip to Hundred Islands

DSC_0417Sunrise viewed from Ted’s by the Sea

DSC_0455Infinite beauty of sunrise

DSC_0481Alaminos City proper

DSC_0511Maraming Salamat sa Family ni Ronnie na kumupkop sa amin!

Our two day trip to Hundred Islands had been very awesome. Thanks to Vera for letting me join their barkada trip, also thanks to Ronnie for giving me the opportunity to join.


Our itinerary was different from the suggestions above. We travel from Cubao to San Carlos where Ronnie and his family lives. We stayed there for the night and we woke up early in the morning and traveled in a rented jeep from San Carlos to Alaminos.

We stayed at Ted’s by the Sea kung saan ang may ari ay ang Father ng classmate ni Ronnie. We put our things in the resort and get ourselves ready for the island hopping. It was mid noon when we arrived at Governor’s Island. It was hot but who could not be please by the view from the deck of the Island where you can see a panoramic view of the place. It was one of the best.

We spend most of the day snorkeling and island hopping and before the night falls we’re back to Ted’s Resort. It was really fun but I felt “bitin” so i am hoping that i will be back to this place soon.


Summing up the whole trip.:D

For More Information

Hundred Islands National Park Tourism Welcome Center (075) 551-2505

24/7 Tourism Information Center (075) 696-1568

City Information Office (075) 551-2249

24/7 Alaminos City Action Center (075) 551-1420


This trip would have not been possible, meaningful and happy without Ronnie, Jessica, Ding, Bernadeth, Anthony, Vera, Ines and Yanik. Kudos!