Lucban, Quezon

The Heritage Houses of Lucban, Quezon

This place had been very famous mainly because of its “Pahiyas Festival” that happens during the celebration of feast of San Isidro on the 15th of May. Other things that made this place known to many is their food. Many favors the lustrous taste of  “Longganisa Lucban” and the uncanny way of eating “Pancit Habhab”. Lastly, this place is also known to pilgrims because of the “Kamay ni Jesus” literally translated to “Hands of Jesus” who will likely to visit this place once a year due to their promise or for praying in the large statue of Jesus.

The Lucban Church is another place where people also visited whenever they come to Lucban. The present church was built and completed in 1738 but before it the first church at the same location was built in 1595 but it was ruined in 1629.DSC_0860

The 2nd Church was constructed between 1630 to 1640, but it was seriously damage by fire in 1733. The present church is almost the same with the one in Tayabas Quezon.

Well, this blog may not be talking about those written above but of the other side of Lucban. Many of the people visiting this place is not keen into knowing that this place is also a haven of heritage houses. Lakwatserong Sulit wrote this blog to put emphasis to the richness of culture of this place.

Heritage houses are another thing that favors Lakwatserong Sulit, so for this visit in Lucban he will provide you pictures of those houses that can be found in Lucban. He might not be able to give enough details about the houses at least he will take you back in time through his photos.

The first heritage house that one will see if he will be coming from the side of Municipal hall along Quezon Avenue is the home of Dona Ana also known as the “La Casa de Dona Ana” .


La Casa De Dona Ana

La Casa de Dona Ana was built after the marriage of Pedro Nepomucino Villasenor and Ana Maria Herrera De La Concepcion on 1842. Their house is the only one that was built by stone with the neo-classical style during that time in whole Lucban. The house has been the favorite place to stay by famous visitor from Manila and other places. Continue reading