Marinduque Series: Day 2 Moriones Festival

Via Crucis: The Highlights of Moriones Festival

Location: Street of Boac, Marinduque
Marinduque Series: Day 2


On the day of Good Friday the highlight of Moriones Festival is being done at the street of Boac, here most people from different places and walks of life gather, lined up and watch the street turn into a big and long stage for “Via Crucis”. Continue reading


Marinduque Series: Day 1 Manila to Balanacan

Holy Week Hassle

Marinduque Series: Day 1
Manila to Balanacan Port, Marinduque


We know that during Holy Week Marinduque is one of the most traveled places in the Philippines because of its grandiose celebration of Moriones Festival. We know that it would be hassle going to Marinduque on the eve of Holy Wednesday and yet we pursue our plans on getting there. So here’s what happen to us on our way to Marinduque. Continue reading

Poctoy White Beach: Beauty and Destruction

Poctoy White Beach: Beauty and Destruction

Location: Brgy. Poctoy, Torrijos, Marinduque

Marinduque Series : Day 4 and 5

I feel that I need to voice out this concern before I begun to write about the rest of the 5 Day Marinduque Series 2014 . It bothers me a lot to find out that the one of the most promising or rather beautiful beach in Marinduque is in the verge of its destruction.


Photo taken during sunset at Poctoy

We were so excited to go to Poctoy White Beach after our great adventure in Maniwaya Island. The Island is very beautiful, clean and the water is so much cooler. It was like a paradise. Our adrenaline, our spirit and our expectation for Poctoy is high after we left Maniwaya. Why did we expect high? Because, when you search Poctoy this is what you will find. Continue reading